Essentiel 2019

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The products of our Essentiel collection offer a large choice of plain fabrics, textures or velvets which make up this selection at a considered price and remarkable quality.



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‘The South.’ Those words conjure up images of the regions unique colours; of that glowing light that at once sculpts the landscape and enhances everything it touches. Images of lazy afternoons, after strolling through the country side picking laurels, basking in that particular golden warmth of the late afternoon. Images also of the Mediterranean Sea, its mirages, its mystery, the magic of its crystal clear reflections, and its glinting golden treasures. A collection that inspired the artist Ulgador, who created a precious and unique gold mirror. Its universe is to be discovered on ulgador. com.

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Lelièvre Paris is enriching its classic collections and venturing into new areas of expression... Asian and Persian inspiration provides elegant finishing touches to patterns inherited from classical French heritage.