The flutter of a bird’s wings, lush vegetation and lustrous leaves. A thick and vibrant oasis. A house that you second guess is there. From this dream world, the Lelièvre studio created a brand new collection where the walls’ patina merge and the various natural materials and vintage ceramics, inspire the motifs that make up the stunning new range. The oversized foliage fuses with the extraordinary jungle that surrounds it, its beautiful fibres inspiring the various colours and textures explored in the collection.

A guided walk, a glance towards a sensory cultured space. A look born of diversity in design and textures, inspired from animal and vegetal materials, wild areas... Such a richness of exotic influences, African, Amerindian, Slavic, Latin, which lead to a return to the colors of the earth and natural matt fibers which express themselves in a fundamental way.

The fabrics in our Collection « Patrimoine » have been rewoven from authentic documents selected from our extensive archives. Enriched every year by new designs, from our archive heritage, this collection replicates the original colourings supplemented with some more contemporary variations.

Style inherited from the historic ‘savoir-faire’ of Lelievre shows in the traditions of our Lyon weaving mills. This has evolved for an elegant and sophisticated collection designed for discerning interior decoration. A complementary selection of fabrics, natural, soft and matt for curtains,wall coverings and upholstery.

L’année 2017 marque un tournant dans l’histoire de la Maison Lelièvre, en lançant sa toute première collection de papiers peints Les Papiers, signée Jean Paul Gaultier.

Collection 21 is designed for decoration and to conform with the requirements imposed on fabrics for use in public places. All the fabrics are flame retardant, washable, may be ironed, suitable for heavy duty seating, resistant to pilling and abrasion. This diverse collection embodies elegant fantasy, the contrast between natural and precious, eclectic taste and assertive personality.