Lelièvre Paris is inspired and inspiring. From the most beautiful castles of France, to the Haussmann-style Paris apartments, from Italian palaces, to the peaks of the Himalayas, Lelièvre Paris is a radiant, modern and multicultural brand. It offers a collection, all brands combined, of 3,800 items, made up of fabrics, wallpapers, wall coverings, rugs and decorative accessories to dress the most beautiful interiors in the world in a permanent search for harmony and elegance.

A key player in interior design, Lelièvre Paris is one of the few brands capable of meeting all its customers' expectations; whether it be an innovative fabric for an ultra-contemporary version or a stylish fabric for a more classical interior. In just a few years, Lelièvre Paris has reinvented itself as a true trend-setter. The brand offers bold designs that are always faithful to that French “je ne sais quoi” that makes them chic and timeless.

New collection

100% Naturel

Composed of 17 fabrics with evocative names of trees and plants, with a palette of soft shades anchored in the spirit of the times, 100% Naturel explores the precious materials of nature, to the delight of lovers of beautiful materials and lovers of nature. Whether in the sobriety of the weaves, the thick thread reliefs or the semi-plains, this collection is a return to the essentials and an ode to material.

Beyond its ecological virtues, 100% Naturel leads the way thanks to its authentic, artisanal look, a collection that exudes softness and comfort.