As silk weavers of Lyon with an enviable reputation for more than three centuries, Tassinari & Chatel combines technological innovation with traditional savoir-faire to create its exceptional silks

News in the Patrimoine collection

La merveille


The new fabric of the Patrimoine collection has been entirely designed around the classic and iconic motif of the same name also known as paisley. Woven in the Lelièvre mill in the Lyon region, France, this fabric with large cashmere patterns is very rich in its treatment of details and integrates for the very first time wool in echo of traditional Kashmir shawls. Kashmir is a silk chain lampas woven silk and wool that brings a warm side to the fabric. The introduction of wool threads gives it subtle matte effects, it is thus endowed with a magnificent hand and a very beautiful fall. Kashmir is available in three colours: a deep ruby, a vine black and o tone on tone, sand.

Archives Selection


For more than three centuries, Tassinari & Chatel has accumulated and maintained several hundred thousand documents. This unique heritage, gathered across the centuries, constitutes a library of Archives full of Damasks, Lampas, Brocades and Velours de Genes, in every style imaginable.

This library of Archives, available to trade professionals by appointment, is a source of inspiration for exceptional and prestigious interiors. Our atelier in Lyon is able to replicate exactly any document, or to incorporate variations of colour, quality or scale and, at the other extreme, to satisfy more complex orders where the design is completely unique and exclusive.
After detailed analysis and retranscription of a special design, we will submit to the client a design on paper, followed by a trial sample woven in the selected yarns, before weaving the final fabric required.

Our Archive Selection has illustrations of those designs, which have already been re-woven. These have the advantage of very low (if any) development costs as the Jacquard cards already exist and the fabrics can be woven directly from them exactly as shown in our catalogue selection.
Alternatively, they can be produced using different colours. An existing design can be transposed using a fibre-content or scale different from the original.
We can evaluate different quality fibre compositions and provide clients with quotations for different quantities ; there is no minimum order quantity.

This Selection is further evidence of our savoir-faire and represents only a tiny percentage of our vast collection of archives.

Bespoke service & sur-mesure

For custom orders, Lelièvre has a dedicated team that will work together with specific design requirements in mind. The Lelièvre savoir-faire offers an infinite world of possibilities…

  • Modifications of colour, quality, scale and the assembling of patterns from collections or archive designs
  • Reproduction of all types of designs: a weaving sample, personal design supplied by a client, archive, drawing or even a photograph can be used to create a woven silk which will be unique, exclusive, classic or contemporary, created on Lelièvre’s mechanical looms or hand looms to guard the authenticity of the brands traditional weaving skills
  • The substitution of other fibres, including those that are flame retardant, for any design or archive in order to respond to specific quality needs of consumer standards, the hospitality market, administrations, institutions…
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