The history of Lelièvre and Quenin is closely interwoven. Both French companies made their debut during the Belle Époque. Modernity was emerging at the turn of the century, and progress, light-heartedness and avant-garde movements were bringing profound changes to lifestyles. It was in this frenzy that Quenin was born in 1865 in the cradle of Lyon’s silk industry, first under the name Quenin & Cartallier and then, from 1891, under the Quenin name alone. Its innovative mastery of the art of weaving was widely recognised in haute couture and top-of-the-range furnishings.

A new chapter was opened in 1973 when Lelièvre bought the Quenin factory, with its centuries-old expertise. French style, a taste for beauty and a passion for materials and colour are a shared heritage. The Quenin archives, accumulated over more than a century, enrich the classic heritage of Maison Lelièvre. Drawings created since 1865, samples, order books and testimonials reflect a unique, highly decorative legacy. The revival of Quenin is inextricably linked to the Panissières weaving mill. In 2023, Lelièvre design studio is updating a classic repertoire with a bold twist, combining tradition and impertinence. Jacquards, prints, embroideries, stripes, “floral indienne” designs and damasks are given a modern twist with oversized motifs and contemporary colours... A “luxuriant harmony”, rooted in history, with an expressive abundance that is very much of today.

Belle Époque

Using archives that have been rehabilitated or revolutionised, and new creations conceived by the design studio, this collection plays with the classics, reinventing them and adding a bold, modern touch to motifs that soothe us. Comforting images evoking the gaiety, light-heartedness, veneration of nature and richness characteristic of the Belle Époque period.

This luxuriant harmony unfolds in four stories, four colour moods, allowing each room to stand out and at the same time creating a perfect dialogue between them. Marine meets Natural, Terracotta Spring faces Pompadour Boudoir, and all come together to transport us to a revitalised Belle Époque.

The Belle Époque collection was highlighted by a set designed by Studio Friedmann & Versace.