de Salon

A bold, playful, multi-purpose and flamboyant collection!

Place des Victoires, Galerie Vivienne bench, Bibi cushions

Embarking on this creative journey to design the brand’s first upholstered furniture collection, José Lévy tapped into Lelièvre’s extensive range of craftsmanship to imagine Jeux de Salon.

The casual, yet refined furniture collection boasts a mix and match of materials and colours, revisiting the house’s iconic fabrics such as velvet and boucle in strong, assertive shades paired with red, black or honey wood finishes.

Jeux de salon is the first collection of completely customizable upholstered furniture by Lelièvre Paris, designed by José Lévy, manufactured in France, and distributed by the brand’s exclusive retail partner Made In Design. Bold, playful, contemporary and flamboyant, the new collection is inspired by the powerful concept of play, rendered through the architectural and customizable lines of the furniture.

Lelièvre Paris creates, weaves and produces exceptional fabrics for high-end interiors, with a range of upholstery textiles, wallpapers, wall coverings, rugs and accessories designed to elevate the world’s most outstanding interior projects. Guided by bold creativity, a passion for colours and materials, and a constant drive to surprise, Lelièvre Paris is now turning its focus to furniture as a new medium to demonstrate its expertise and the wealth of its textile collections. ‘This furniture collection opens a new chapter in the history of Lelièvre Paris, as the company expands its offering with an all-new collection of furniture manufactured by Lelièvre Paris. This new creative gesture is an opportunity for us to deliver a 100% Lelièvre Paris experience to our clients. The vision of beauty and elegance conveyed by the collection undeniably reflects the brand’s values while also highlighting the beauty of our fabrics and reaffirming our commitment to French production.’ Emmanuel Lelièvre

Long bench Galerie Vivienne, Bibi cushions, Divan Place des Victoires
Bench Place des Petits Pères and Galerie Vivienne

In a nod to the Parisian quarter of Place des Victoires, home to the historical showroom of Lelièvre Paris and the headquarters of Made In Design, José Lévy has chosen to name his curvy pouffe Palais Royal, and his long pommel horse-shaped bench Galerie Vivienne. Two rugs — Square Louvois 1 & 2 — were also named after the location of the former Paris opera house from 1794 to 1820. To guarantee the quality and excellence of artisanal craftsmanship, the entire collection is manufactured in France, using sustainable materials.

The Collection

des Victoires

Dimension: L. 220 P. 110 H. 56 cm
Composition: Ash Wood

Fabrics colour Conifer: Lana Poivre, Cosmos Noir, Cosmos Conifère, Cosmos Indigo

Fabrics colour Pavot: Cosmos Bruyère, Lana Tulipe, Cosmos Pavot, Cosmos Coquelicot

Fabrics colour Deer: Cosmos Sable, Lana Naturel, Chaulnes Biche, Sherpas Dune

du Mail

Arm chair, double seated platform cylindrical armrests.
Dimension: L. 69 P. 66 H. 72 35 cm
Composition: Ash Wood

Fabrics colour Nautilus: Cosmos Noir, Cosmos Nautilus

Fabrics colour Tulip: Lana Tulipe, Sherpa Craie, Cosmos Pavot, Cosmos Dune

Fabrics colour Dune: Sherpas Dune, Sherpas Craie, Cosmos Sable

du Louvre

Ottoman, double seated platform cylindrical armrests
Dimension: L.78 P. 52 H.48 35 cm
Composition: Ash Wood

Fabrics colour Conifer: Cosmos Conifère, Cosmos Noir, Cosmos Nautilus

Fabrics colour Pavot: Cosmos Pavot, Sherpas Dune, Chaulne Biche

Fabrics colour Dune: Sherpas Dune, Sherpas Craie, Cosmos Sable


Long bench
Dimension: L. 155 P. 42 H. 42,5 cm
Composition: Ash Wood

Fabrics colour Nautilus: Cosmos Nautilus

Fabrics colour Dune: Sherpas Dune

Fabrics colour Sand: Cosmos Sable

des Petits Pères

Short bench
Dimension: L. 60 P. 42 H. 42,5 cm
Composition: Ash Wood

Fabrics colour Chalk: Sherpas Craie

Fabrics colour Conifer: Cosmos Conifère

Fabric colour Pepper: Lana Poivre

du Palais Royal

Dimension: D. 65 cm

Fabric colour Blue: Lana Nuit

Fabrics colour Tulip: Lana Tulipe

Fabrics colour Dune: Sherpas Dune


Rug 100% New Zealand wool, hand tufted.

Thickness : 10 mm and 12 mm
Dimension: 200 x 300 cm

Colour Multico

Colour Natural


Three great names in interior design
One collection

A European leader for online retail of designer furniture, lighting and interior accessories for more than 20 years, Made In Design now operates a network of retail points in Printemps department stores, where it also organizes a host of exclusive events to promote both culture and new design creation. Always current, the company contributes to the democratization of design and has consistently supported contemporary creation, providing a stage for projects by both emerging designers, as well unique and iconic pieces that have left their mark in the history of design, as exemplified by its recent exhibition dedicated to the Memphis movement.

José Lévy
Multidisciplinary designer

José Lévy is a designer widely recognized on the international scene that has developed a diverse and multidisciplinary field of practice steeped in poetry and humour. Consistent in his focus on people, he has made users his compass and the main driving force behind each of his projects. A purveyor of both singular and intimate objects, José Lévy weaves connections between his designs and those to which they are intended. A re-creator of memories — his own or those borrowed from others —, he breathes fantasy and precision into each of his creations. His inspiration is drawn from cultures and techniques he discovered during his many travels, especially to Japan which has influenced him since childhood.