PREMIERACTE was born from a collaboration between Atelier Tristan Auer, Wilson Associates, Red Edition and Lelièvre Paris. This capsule collection, drawing its inspiration from the universe of Parisian theatres, incorporates all the requirements of high-end hotels, whose codes are perfectly mastered by all three houses. PREMIERACTE is the reflection of a French-style art of living, showcasing strong savoir-faire and ‘Couture’ detailing. Planned as a set for a luxurious suite, the furniture creations, designed on the principle of an all-enveloping double skin, invite relaxation and immerse us in an exclusive universe. PREMIERACTE is designed by Atelier Tristan Auer, Wilson Associates, produced and edited by Red Edition and set-dressed by Lelièvre Paris.


CAMELIA Rug : Elegant rug made of New Zealand wool, viscose and cotton in the shape of a Camellia flower. The subtlety of the flower's natural colour variations is represented by a monochrome of six shades of cream passing from mat to shiny, evoking both the dew on the petal and its velvety texture. Four types of bouclé textures accentuate the intricacy of the flower design, ranging from fine regular boucle pile to rounded and thick. The natural feel of this 2.90m by 2.90m stylish rug is accentuated by also two different pile heights.